Thursday, May 11, 2017


What is my learning goal...clarifying and questioning  

What have I learnt...I have learnt that I need to pace myself when I am reading. I have also been able to predict about what the story will be about.

What is my next be able to make connections. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My Reflection

something I need to remember is my togs on wednesday.

if I had superpowers mine would be teleportation,being able to fly and invisibility.

Keeping ourselves safe


I am learning to make safe decisions

I am learning this because... we need to learn some strategies if someone comes and starts to
abuse you.

An example of a safe decision is...if someone pulls your pants\skirt down you can pull them up
and go to a duty teacher.

Reciprocal reading!


I am learning about reciprocal reading.

I have learnt that reciprocal reading involves students being leaders.
Everyone is expected to contribute.

Two areas I want to get better at are ...completing my cloze activity and ... being confident at
leading the reciprocal reading.


I am learning to complete a statistical investigation.

I have learnt that the steps in a statistical inquiry model are pose a question,plan an investigation,gather the data,analyse the data and form conclusions.

Something I have learnt from gathering my data is...tat having to gather data you need to use a proper graph.

Te Reo Maori


We have been learning language about ko au which
means me, myself and I.

Something I have learnt to say is... E hia o tau?
 which means how old is he/she?

My next step is to learn to say more object names in Maori.